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Q: Ac not working / compressor wont engage on 2005 Honda Odyssey

Good Night; i have a 2005 Honda odyssey 3.5 vtec v6 motor and the ac compressor wont work. The system is charge correctly but the compressor wont engage. I turn the ac button on and off while the vehicle is running and it still won't engage. I am getting power to it, the pulley spins but the clutch won't engage.

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they had issues with the clutch relay. Just so I know , so I can help with proper troubleshooting, HOW do you know it is fully charged? When the vans's running and you switch the A/C on , do the radiator fans come on?Does the climate control indicate A/C on (green light on some) Does your van have navigation? Those are just for starters questions reply on this post if I can help more.
It was check with an a/c guage, yes the radiator fan comes on, yes the climate control indicator A/C light comes on, and no it don't have a navigation.
Check for power from the clutch relay and test the field coil for continuity to ground. and another silly question just to be specific...the inside blower motor is working properly , right?
Ok I am in a similar situation. I have an 05 odyssey and over the last week or so the air will blow cold then warm then go back cold. On Friday it startedonlyblowing warm no matter what we did. I bought adam of A pron. Guage reads 120 or so. I noticed the compressor wasn't turning on after running it for 30 straight mins. So the AC PRO wouldn't work either. I've checked the fuse and its good switched around the relays and no change. I can't imagine all 3 relays bad too. I changed the blower motor resistor no change. Now I've noticed that the fan speed won't change no matter what setting its on and also even when I hit off the fan keeps blowing. I'm very mechanical but know nothing about electrical? Help please
Did you ever find out what the problem was with the 2005 Honda AC I seem to have the same problem. Thank you

I have a similar problem on my 05 Odyssey. I picked up a can of 20 OZ A/C Pro Professional Formula Refrigerant which includes a gauge and a fill tube.. When the engine is on and AC is on max cold, the gauge needle is in the red. I tried filing the refrigerant but the needle does not move. I tried switching the fan low and high relays with the AC clutch relay with no difference. Can some one tell me the various reasons why the gauge can show no pressure ? I will take it to shop but like to know what I am getting into :)
Everyone seems to have the same problem for the 2005 Odyssey.
You need a new compressor coil (Stator). Yours must have over heated and burnt out. This is the electromagnet that engages the clutch. I just change mine a few hours ago. You can do it without opening the a/c system. Google it. There are already a lot of great DIY help.
I've been looking for something on this but havent found jack. I realize this is an old thread...but the problem is new to me.
My 06 Odyssey clutch coil just went out, also. I had to find one on ebay. It was kind of a pain to fumble through it, but with a few basic tools and good snap ring players . With a little instruction it really isn't too bad. I would replace the clutch while you have it apart if you have a lot of miles on it.
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