Q: A/C not working on 1997 Ford Expedition

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Tried to recharge the A/C system. Truck was running fine, as soon as the 134a refrigerant got into the system the compressor started cycling on and off without hitting the switch and the engine started to overheat. The engine would also start to rev up and down. Any help would be greatly apperciated.
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If the a/c system pressure is too high it will cause overheating and the high pressure valve will release refrigerant from the system, which may be what is happening here.
Check the fan operation, if it's OK then you'll need to put some gauges on it to see what is going on in the A/C system.
Thanks for the info. But it turns out the overheating problem is the same issue I have been trouble shooting for a few weeks now and had nothing to do the A/C, charged the A/C up and it is running fine. It is looking like I will need to replace the Radiator. have replaced just about everything else.
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