Q: A/C not blowing cold on 1996 Buick Riviera

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I added freon while the car was started and had it turned on high/ auto. Still not blowing cold air. I checked to make sure the freon wasn't leaking. Is there a fuse i need to change? Could it be an easy fix or should i take it to the shop?
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You need to see if the a/c clutch is engaging on the compressor. If not, check pressure level of freon to see if it is high enough. If it is high enough, check that the belt is present. Then lastly, you could have either a faulty a/c clutch or a bad compressor. Can you hear the blend door switching under the dash?
Im going to check them when i get off but my horn isnt working either. Since the a/c fuse and the horn fuse are right by each other, do you think that could be the problem?