Q: A/C makes wining noise when I turn my steering wheel on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350

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When I run my A/C I hear a wining noise in the steering as I turn the steering wheel righ and left. Do you know what this could be?
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The power steering fluid leak is common on these. There is a seal ring between the reservoir and the pump which fails quite often. It takes a special P/S fluid, so do not put anything else in the reservoir. Since you are near Overbys I'd suggest to stop by there, he knows his trade for sure.

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could be a bad serpentine belt or just low on power
steering fluid. be happy to check it for you on friday. right here in jax
Ok, Thanks! I can't bring it by on Friday but I'll look you up on the internet and give you a call to come up with another day. Thanks again!