Q: A/C, information display not working. on 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

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My heater/A/C control panel isn't working anymore. It was working intermittently for a while, only blowing heat or cold on fan 5 setting, and turning off my headlights when it went off unless manually turned on, then it went out completely. The rider information display went off and on with the A/C, and now it's off too. Is there a fuse I need to check? Or some other information somebody can give me? I have an aftermarket stereo, and that works perfectly. The A/C and rider information display both worked for several months after the stereo was installed. I did have an issue with the ignition switch when I bought the car, but that was fixed as well, and the A/C worked for 2 years after that. Any ideas?
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The modules fail all the time. You need to take it in for diag anyway because of the acceleration issue. Take care of it all at once. Be honest with the advisor, it will be cheaper that way. GL
The exact same thing is happening with my 2001 Grand Prix. I have taken it in to the shop 2 times and the mechanics can't determine the problem. (They can however bill me each time. I've paid $230 so far with no repairs) Anyone know the answer??
Did either of you ever figure out the problem? My 2001 Grand Prix just did the same thing. The heater/a/c fan when turned on will stay off and the driver information display center will also go off when you try to turn the fan on even if it was on and working just fine before.
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