Q: AC Has a mind of its own !! on 2000 BMW 323Ci

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Hello to all, I have a 2000 bmw 323 ci 5 speed manual. My ac seems to work sometimes, its random so i cant really say when. Anyone has a clue pleaze help, I live in south Florida , and it could get real hot .. Thx
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it sounds like the control panel, very common on this models. Have the system checked for fault codes, but be careful with the rebuilt units I haven't seen one that last more than a year.

well I really need more information,,, but ,,, I am guessing that when it works it's fine ,,, so that will exclude many things ,,, Lose wire is the remedy ,,, where ? Could be on the compressor , or the fan motor , or your switch on the dash... start by Cleaning the wires on the compressor with the car off see if that fixes it, then check the wires on the fan motor wiggle them with ac on and see if that does it ,,,,... then if those 2 things don't fix it you need to check the switch on the dash by wiggleing those slides or buttons... there can be other reasons but try those first ... I know it isn't fuses because once those are out they are out....Good Luck..