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Q: AC Freon leak on 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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After purchasing my monte i noticed the AC had stopped working so i took it back to the guy i bought it from and he said it was a freon leak, he "fixed" it. A few days later it happened again, took it to a nearby mechanic who put dye in the freon, he was unable to locate the leak but whenever the car has this leak problem it also makes a sound like a belt is grinding on something. Its obvious that there's a leak but not noticeable enough to locate, and the sound it makes isn't that loud and stops whenever i turn the AC on.
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It is hard to say where the leak may be coming from, sometimes leaks are hard to find. It is obvious the system has a leak if it is loosing refrigerant so quickly. Hopefully the dye will locate or help pin point the area of the leak. Did your mechanic use a "sniffer" when he was looking for a leak? There is a tool battery operated like a gigger counter it goes beep ,beep ,beep at ta regular interval if there is no leak but as soon as you come near the source of the leak the beeping becomes more frequent and intense. When you are right over the leak the sniffer beeps continuously I am not sure what the noise you hear,.could it be the compressor clutch engaging and disengaging, or a noise from with in the compressor?
Just yesterday i took my car back to the mechanic i bought it from, he said that after checking it out he found that the air compressor was shot. He replaced it with a used compressor and i could tell it was in way better shape, the original compressor was covered in rust. So far after driving it back from mastic to rocky point it seems the ac works way better then ever and so much cooler, the noise is gone. Im going to keep watch of the car and the sounds. I appreciate the help (:
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