Q: ac fan.. on 1994 BMW 325i

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hi there thanks for ur answer it helped me...another thing is my ac works perfectly but when i switch it on the after 10-15 mins the temp. goes up...i havent understood what is the matter....i think buyin a bmw has caused a hell lot of problems for me...and i keep askin u for help
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You say the temperature gauge "goes up". Does it go up only when the a/c is on or does it go up when the a/c is off? The temp gauge should raise and reach the middle of the gauge after 10 minutes or so of running or as the car is driven on the road after about 5 minutes of driving if the coolant thermostat is operating correctly. To reduce engine wear and vehicle pollution it is important that the engine gets up to 180 to 190 degrees F as quickly as possible when the car is started.If you drive and the temprature gauge just continues to rise tiis a sign that the engine's coling system is not doing its job, the cooling fan is not working, the radiator is plugged ,the thermostat is stuck or some problem has occurred that needs to be addressed to avoid damage to the engine.
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