Q: A/C failure due to defective Ambient Temperature Sensor? on 2000 Buick Century

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Our Buick's A/C works intermittently. I had the system recharged to no avail. Then I noticed when it was failing, the ambient temp reading showed 22F. That would account for no cold air being produced. I found the sensor located in front of the radiator. Question: Is the false reading more likely due to the sensor or the computer? Anyone out there had this experience?
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The system should maintain the temp. you select no matter what ambient temp is! If you want to test the system /sensors it will need to be scanned for trouble codes.
I assume it has digital/auto. climate control that is set to °F scale? Reason being that 22°C would be about right for ambient temp. (july) at your local, on average!-- I think. Either way, the scanner will tell the story.
It may be too soon to celebrate but I replaced the Ambient Temp Sensor a while ago. The Ext Temp immediately showed the actual 70F and the systems is working. If it holds, it will be the cheapest ($14) and fastest fix (15 min) I've ever performed. If it doesn't hold, I reckon we take my Dodge Intrepid on vacation and listen to my wife complain the whole distance.