Q: A/C fabulous most of the time,then won't cool.Turn OFF few min,Back ON it's cold on 1998 Mercury Villager

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Usually when we start up from park in the Florida Sun, it comes right on and COOLS GREAT. After driving awhile, it stops cooling,and won't start cooling again unless I turn off the switches awhile. Then (usually), when I turn it back on, push the recirculate and a/c buttons, it will cool great again. I had similar problem with other cars, and there was a temperature sending unit which was defective, and nothing wrong with my compressor. NO PROBLEMS with front or rear Blowers.
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Your air conditioner is probably a little low and is icing up. When you turn it off for a while, it thaws & works again. The Villagers also have intermitant problems with control head.
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