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Q: AC DON'T WORK on 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I suspect the compressor but not sure I am A Ford guy don't know much about this system. High side line gets very hot no cooling. I know were all the major components are located but how can I BE SURE IT IS THE COMPRESSOR? And what else has to be replaced if the compressor is changed out? The gauge said the system has a full charge but no cooling.
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The heat may be from a restriction. If the compressor is not pumping, there should be not be heat. Make sure that the fixed orifice isn't plugged, which is on the low side. What exactly are the pressures? What is the low side reading? How about the high side?

In order to do A/C work, you always need to evacuate and re-charge the system every time you 'open ' it up or the system will ice up from the moisture getting inside. this can cause a severe restriction and ruin your compressor. Before you try to take out the restriction, what are the gauges really reading? You need to be sure of what is happening, other wise your are only guessing and trying parts which will cost a lot and may not fix your car. Best of Luck!

If you have to jumper your compressor, that means that it is very low or empty of R134. I would suspect that you have a leak. The fact that your gauges read zero also confirms that your system is empty of R134. I would not jumper the compressor because it will over heat , burn and be ruined. There is oil mixed in with the R134 that the compressor needs. As far as the system not taking in any R134, that can caused by many factors. The first thing to determine is why the system is empty. You need to find the leak.
Were is the fixed orifice located on this system? And if I take it out won't I have to replace it and pull a vacuum on the system and recharge it?
Sir, my high side reading with air set to max high fan reading 0 psig at 95 degrees F and when I removed my gauge nothing came out no spew of gas. Did not try a reading on the low side after seeing that I should have read around 200 psig and I read nothing. Any thoughts and thank you for your time!
Just another thought, I know on other vehicles I have had if refrigerant levels get to low you have to jumper out the compressor for it to take in any refrigerant. I tried back weeks ago to add some but it wouldn't take it in. I think it's out of refrigerant ? Any Ideas How to add some or is the pump shot?
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