Q: ac compressor replacement on 1998 Nissan Frontier

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my mechanic says i need to replace a bunch of hoses and such with the compressor replacement because it will negate the warranty of the compressor if he doesnt replace the hoses etc. Is this true or am i getting shafted???
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Air conditioning work is so difficult to quote for, and the span in quotes from on shop to another vary so much I hate doing A/C work. Quality of parts vary from new to re manufactured like doctors no one wants a come back because they didn't do enough preventative care. Hoses unless they are leaking (always a possibility) can usually be flushed out, the drier is always replaced, along with any seals necessary to replace the compressor. Serious compressor failure can scatter debris through out the air conditioning system trapping debris in the evaporator, evaporator and every where in between. Time spent flushing the system and checking for leaks is critical.
in most cases you change compressor , dryer, orifice tube (if equipped) i know on chevy they mostly slide out some fords you have to change a whole line / hose , and on dodge expansion valves everything else can be flushed and replace the o rings and seals