Q: AC Compressor replaced twice in the past 7 months, could it be the clutch?? on 2004 Honda Accord

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July 2013 I was in Utah visiting family. It is summer so of course it was hot! The AC started blowing warm air. We took it to a highly recommended repair shop who replaced the Compressor. It worked great for seven months then started blowing warm air. I got it diagnosed and was told the compressor was not engaging but the refrigerant levels were good. So we drove back to Utah as the shop said they would replace the compressor again free of charge. It worked the day it was fixed. The following day we were driving in the desert to find out the AC was blowing warm air. We were already six hours away from Utah so we couldnt take it back to the shop. Honda said they think it might be the Compressor Clutch. Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated!!
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was the original compressor replaced due to internal failure? IF so , then the entire system was/is contaminated , taking out each successive compressor , until system (complete) is replaced.Also ,as profg said , if my first statement was off , then it could be any number of CONTROL issues , which would require system operation knowledge for a proper diagnosis. Hope it goes well for you.
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The clutch can be changed without changing the compressor, But it could be an electrical problem as well. The sensors are very important to the computer programming and have to be reading correctly or the computer will NOT command the a/c compressor to engage. It's not as simple as a bad compressor, the cause needs to be found, or it might just quit again.
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