ac compressor relay switch on 1997 Ford Escort

where is the ac compressor relay switch located on my car?

by in North East, MD on June 12, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 29, 2010
The relay is inside a metal box the size of a hamburger bun UNDER the engine air filter assembly. 12 millimeter socket on a 6 inch extension will allow you to remove the 5 bolts and nuts that hold it down. 5 millimeter socket will be required to remove the ~25 wire connector that is attached to the metal box which houses the A/C relay, fuel pump relay and 3 other relays. These are soldered to a printed circuit board which is riveted into the metal box to frustrate those of us who are resistant to being farmed for money by soul-less bean counters. The A/C relay is labeled Omron- not bosch and is smaller than the other relays. To open the box will require drilling out the 2 rivets. 2 small screws can be used to replace the metal lid. A radio repair shop can probably solder in a new relay for less than $190. BUT! this may not make your A/C work. There are pressure limit switches that fail or do their job of breaking the connection to the compressor if the pressure is too low / high. Try typing Fordman59 ccrm in a search engine. Good luck.
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Where is the ac compressor relay switch located on a 1999 ford escort?
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