Q: a/c cluch will only engage if i jump it . a/c is charged is it ok 2 run jumped? on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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why does it only work jumped. can anyone help ?

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No; It could freeze up, and also ruin, or over pressure your system. If you would re-enter your city and state we could be aware of your weather conditions.
I live in bayonne nj. I thought about runing a toggle switch so it will only run when i turn it on .jumped it runs even when a/c is off.
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You need to list that in your profile. The PCM monitors the a/c system and if all is showing good it will ground the relay and turn the compressor on. Also the integrated power module need to be working properly as well. I don't recommend jumping the clutch it could cause you more problems and cost more in the long run to repair it.
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