Q: ac blows hot air when driving slow or stopped but blows slightly cold wen faster on 2006 Ford Five Hundred

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i got it charged ( i think) but still does the same thing....being a single working mom with 1 year old daughter in texas i cant go without ac!!!!! i was told it was the compresser 800.00 that i dont have...just wanted to know if anyone has a better answer than 800.00 repair??
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A second diagnosis (as mentioned above) with possibly a different and less costly repair would be a good start.ASK your friends for references to a good , trustworthy independent shop in your area. At the very least , a second diagnosis , will not cost $800.00. Good luck.
My mechanic told me that the new AC's with the new type of freon will act this way. On extremely hot days I will put it in neutral and step up the RPM's a little (rev the motor. If you are constantly in stop and go traffic, you may want to change your route.
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