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Q: A/C blowing hot air... on 2006 Jaguar S-Type

yes-my ac went out last summer...have had it looked at; It is not the compressor; not the freon. Several mechanics have said it looks like an electrical problem...Thinking abt. trading this car in anyway; dont want to put a lot of $ into it. If it is electrical, do you have just a "guessimate" on what kind of $$ it is going to cost?? thanks!!
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Trade the car. Your problems are just about to begin in other areas. It is not cheap to repair this vehicle.
check the condenser. looks like a radiator. follow the skinny line from the compressor to the condenser at the front and make sure it is cleaned. if anything like a layer of dead bugs or caked up dust will keep the freon from cooling off to a liquid before the metering device drops the pressure and sends it to the inside coil where the fan is. it has to be a liquid to evaporate and that is what makes it cold. if things are stuck to the coil fins, use coil cleaner. if you paid someone to check your system, they should have checked that. its an easy , cheap, and quick process. if its just dirt a water hose alone will work. if that dont help then check to see if the solenoid is good with a continuity tester or an ohmmeter. disconnect it and touch the leads going to the solenoid with the meter, if it says ol, its bad. if not, check the fuse. all these cost a little time, not so much money. the solenoid will be on or in the compressor somewhere. it engages the teeth to make the pulley turn the pump when you press the button. might look like a cylinder or cap or something with two wires sticking out. dont knw how much a specialist will charge. but you can clean the coil yourself for free. if you have used a multimeter before you can check the solenoid for free too. the fuse labels are on fuse box lid usually.
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