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Q: AC blowing cold air on driver side only on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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The AC is blowing cold air only on the driver's side. On the passenger side, the air is blowing out warm. Anyone know what might cause this or how to fix it? Thanks!
If you have a 02 to 06 dodge ram and the driverside is cold and the passenge side is warm. The fix is to charge your a/c system. Your low on refrigerant and the evaperator is not full.
there is a tsb for a blower motor and a reflash on the cpu it needs to be done by the dodge dealership. the parts are around $250.
this is very ture these systems shutdown the passinger side when low on refridgerant!!!!
So whomever gave advice to charge the AC... Brilliant!
I have a 2004 Dodge 1500 4 door with HemP power. AC was only blowing on drivers side and passenger's side was blowing warmish. Took advice to charge AC as follows:
1. Go to your local auto store and buy the can of AC juice with the hose attachment and gauge built in.
2. Go home or to somewhere you can work without being bothered
3. Start your engine and turn the AC on Max
4. Hooked up can of AC juice to the LOW side port (passenger side near the fire wall for HemP)
5. Shook can well and hooked up can to AC port and read gauge... darn thing was low.
6. Squeezed trigger on can and every 3-4 seconds turned upside down and back upright.
7. Charged to where arrow said (accounting for the temperature was built into the gauge)
8. Noticed AC system that was really noisy became much quieter as charge approached the green
9. Disconnected can from AC port and replaced cap.
10. Sat in truck and enjoyed the chilly cold that had replaced the weak a$$ AC I used to have.

**Disclaimer: cannot guarantee you will get the same results but cold is now blowing out of both sides of the dash vents.
Well mechanic says I need to replace ac door under passenger side dash. Cost???????? He said most of the door section would have to be taken apart and a new door motor assembly installed. Several hours involved at $85.00 an hour. Well I took your advise and spent $30.00 at the parts store and bought a can of ac juice with a gauge included with the can. Followed directions and guess what!!!! I am now blowing cold on both sides!!! So whoever gave the advice gets my vote!!! Thanks!!!! 2004 Ram 2500 Diesel
Exactly the issue! I did the same and my air is now working perfectly, mechanic told me it would need to be worked on.
Apparently that is the stock answer. Its worth the $30 to give it a shot.
You don't mention if you have Dual Zone temp controls, but judging from your description I have to assume that your vehicle is equipped with Dual Zone. In this case the "Blend Air" doors in the heater housing are independent of each other and each have their own actuators allowing the individual adjustment of tempurature from right to left vents. In a single Zone system, the blend air door is one piece, thus the temp difference between right and left vent is not likely if the any of the components failed. The HVAC control head, wiring, actuators or blend air doors may have failed. A competent technician should be able to easily diagnose which component has failed.
Very common problem, normally the door shaft is broken and the door remains in close positon. Read remainder of comments

The most common problem is the HVAC box. Inside 4 moveable plastic panels control the air flow to different chambers. The common issue is the plastic shaft breaks. The only way to replace these panels requires a complete dash and HVAC removal, 6-8 hours of labor, AC coolant needs to be drained and later refilled. Mine broke twice, first one was the lower panel under warranty and the second had 2 broken panels. I did it myself and replace them with metal panel from "Heater Treater".
Same issue 04 ram2500 diesel. Read all answers and decided to chance the $35. Been without ac on passenger side all year, cranked it up today and warm on both sides. $33 at Walmart and cold on both sides. Makes sense that low refrigerant would shut down passenger side to keep driver cool.
What they said is true, when freon pressure is low cold air only come out on drivers side.
I put a 20 is can of recharge coolant ($39.99) and passenger side is now just as cold as driver side. I suspect my shop used a small 12 oz when they recharged system last time which was not a enough. Good luck
I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, and had the same problem, thanks to this forum I decided to buy a large can of coolant from Walmart with the gauge on it $22 10 minutes later passenger side was blowing cold air... and driver side cooled down too, I already knew I needed to recharge because driver side wasn't blowing super cold, but had no idea that it would stop blowing cold air all together on the passenger side... Now back to happy wife happy life (she has been riding on the passenger side as we are in a hot humid area of Illinois) Traveling and camping will be much more pleasurable now... Thanks for the accurate posting!!!
I know this thread is dated but we have a 2004 Ram 2500 diesel and after reading this I tried the charging of the AC option instead of messing with the dash unless absolutely necessary. I was surprised ,like the others, that my freon pressure was down on the low side and after charging it with the freon can from Walmart, everything is blowing cold on both sides. I'm not sure why, but it is working fine now. The initial pressure reading was 25 lbs and it would only charge up 37 lbs.
HemP04 is exactly correct, without a full evaportor, only part of the air will be cool, and I can only assume it because of the way the evap coil is situated in the duct, is the reason the drive gets cool air and not the passenger.....I tried (1) 20oz can of 134a, and its working like a champ....blowing ice cubes again, in all (4) vents.....Thanks HemP04

2004 Dodge 2500 5.9L Cummins Under 100K miles and still got lots of "yank"
I was a little hesitant to try this but I figured it was worth trying it. The A/C charging bottle cost me $40, however worked on a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel. It was very easy and worth a try for sure.
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