Q: A/C BLOWER STOP BLOWING on 2001 Honda Civic

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Hi. I live in JAX, FL. I used my A/C this morning all the time while driving to work. When I left work at 5pm. I did not try to use the A/C right then, but about 15 min later, I did. The A/C did not work because the fan did not start blowing. Do you think that the problem is the A/C or there is something else that could be the problem. Today, when I turned the A/C on, it didn't blow air or anything at all (no cold, not hot, no air coming out of the vents), but I heard the same soft sound of something that is activated, the same I used to hear when it was fine. It's something as if it's going to start but it just doesn't blow at all. Any idea of what it could be? Could if be a fuse?
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Sure; your blower motor fuse could have blown; or the blower motor resistor may have failed. These are the first places I would investigate, since we are speaking of an issue where the fan does not operate.
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