Q: ac and heat on 2002 Acura TL

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on my Acura when I go to use my heat or ac nothing happens and I checked some things on my own and all the fueses are good and the blower resistor is still good but nothing happens at all when I turn on the ac/heat also the car was made in Canada but I live in the us if that helps at all
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When you say nothing happens does the fan motor operate? There is a Service Bulletin from Acura #06-006 (you may find help on Acurazine) regarding a defective wiring harness behind the glove box. Check for power at yellow and black wire at the blower motor if it has no power you need to look at the blower motor relay or 40 Amp fuse # 56 (under hood) also check #3 fuse (7.5 Amp) under dash fuse box. If power is present grounding the blue/red wire at the motor should make the blower motor operate if the motor is good. If the motor operates under these conditions the problem is on the grounding (control side) and the power transistor and control side needs to be investigated.
the blower dosent opperrate and I checked the fuses I going to have to see if it's a grounding problem or lose wire thank you
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