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Q: AC Accumulator -removal of brass fitting from evaporator on 1999 GMC Suburban 1500

Any ideas on how to remove a stubborn brass fitting that connects the AC evaporator core to the Accumulator/ Drier? I am trying to replace the AC accumulator while I replace my compressor, but I can't get the male fitting to budge at all. This is the fitting over the evaporator input line that connects and seals to the female port on the accumulator. The accumulator is located on the passenger side firewall with very little room to get my 12 in adjustable end wrench (crescent)over the fitting.

I've tried loosening what is binding the fitting by some light tapping on several of the sides with a hammer.

I've used penetrating oil.

I've used a 12 inch pipe over the wrench handle as a lever.

Each time I've torqued the fitting I've tried to hold the accumulator steady so I won't end up twisting, kinking and damaging the tubing going to the evaporator, but it's getting hard to use more force to break the connection between the accumulator and the fitting without risking damage to the evaporator tubing.

Any Suggestions? Would heating the fitting and accumlator connection area with a small propane torch possibly help loosen what is causing it to bind? Or would that cause more damage and melt an internal 'O' ring?

I would really like to avoid cutting the connection and then having to replace the evaporator too.

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if im right you have galling of the 2 materials. which i believe is an evil trick from the manufacturers to make you cut the line to remove and pay them more. there is a penetrating oil called aerokroil,i swear by this stuff this is the most amazing stuff ive ever seen. ive pulled serts from calipers that should of never ever come out. heat probably wont help with the corrosion. if you can get a bottle of this and hope. i do feel your pain with your issue i had to cut the line..
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and share your thoughts. I will look for the Aerokroil pentrating oil to have on hand.

Fortunately, my luck did change with the loosening of the fitting on the evaporator to accumulator connection. I decided to use some pieces of wood for bracing, between the accumulator and the firewall, shimmed it tightly, then I gave it one last mighty pull with my 12" open end wrench w/12 inch pipe lever ... the fitting broke free ...finally!
Found this other good suggestion to cut the accumulators female part of that connection with a cutting wheel on a drill. Here's a video showing what it looks like afterwards. I put your suggestion of using wood blocks to shim it up so you can really torque it. Seems like these chevy truck accumulators and evaporators are Zen Buddhist and tend to become one!
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