Q: Abs warning light keeps coming on on 1997 Ford Expedition

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the brakes get hard to push down every time i turn to the left or back up to the left, anything that has to do with turning the steering wheel to the left, but anyways the brakes get hard to where i cant push them and its only happening when i pull into or out of a parking space while turning left
(2) Answers
The alignment is NOT what needs attemtion, at least not for this reason.
Your ABS light indicates a failure of some component in the ABS system that will leave some clues in the ABS module in the form of codes that can be read by a proper diagnostic tool.

Based on your symptoms, I am concerned that you may have an issue with your Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) which operates the ABS system. The only other possible cause in mind would related to if you have had brake service done recently - it would be possible that a brake hose may be twisted on accident. This would only be if brakes were recently replaced, however; could not happen on its own.

Lastly - this is an urgent concern that requires immediate attention and compromises the safety of the vehicle. Get attention as soon as possible.