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Q: ABS Vibrations W/out Touching Brake Pedal on 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

I was looking at a 01' Santa Fe / V6 for sale this past weekend. I know the people selling it very well! The truck is mint in & out. They just spent masive $ on it last year and had a bunch of work done at the dealer w/ all the paper to show for it. Timing belt, fluid changes, tune-up, the friggin works cause it just hit 100,000 miles. But now the truck has a new problem. They said they just wana sell it as is but make the buyer aware of it. When you are driving it, every once in a while it feels like the ABS activates on its own. It's pretty loud in the the truck like a grinding/vibrating noise (the same noise when your ABS kicks in when you brake hard on a slippery road) & you can feel the pedals shake if your feet are on either one. Sometimes it happens when you are just driving & other times it happens when you are braking to either yeild or come to a complete stop. Usually happens between 0-30MPH while accelerating but when braking it can happen at any speed. It did it on the Highway when I was doing 70+ and had to tap on my brakes just for a split second to change lanes. When it happens while braking, the sound keeps going even if you remove your foot from the brake. The only way it stops is to put the truck in neutral for a second then back in drive. Or wait for it to stop by it's self. Can last up to 30 seconds at times. NO warning lights come on when it's happening though, thats the weird part. The dealer is telling them the truck's "computer" or "main brain" is letting go & it needs to be replaced. I think thats BS and their just trying to take this old couple for a ride! Anyone have any ideas on whats causing it???
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If this was happening when actually applying the brakes, then I would say check the wheel speed sensors, but since this is occurring when the brakes are not applied, this very well may be from a bad ABS Control Module. These modules are quite problematic on many vehicles, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the module was defective.
Be aware that the system has a self-check that activates the ABS pump, here is a description: "The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) performs a hydraulic pump self-check test during the first acceleration after each ignition switch cycle. During this test, the ABS control module tests the pump modulator valves, solenoids and motor operation. This test occurs at a vehicle speed between 0 and 8 mph. During this test, a noise (customers may describe a rattle, groan, growl or gurgling) may be heard and felt through the brake pedal. This momentary noise is only heard during the initial period of vehicle motion. If any faults are found, the system disables the anti-lock braking function and will illuminate the warning lamp and set a diagnostic trouble code."
Have you seen the ABS light stay on?
my 2003 Santa Fe is doing the same exact thing and no one seems to have any idea what it could be. have you figured out what it was?

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