Q: ABS System Brake Fluid Flush on 2002 Honda Civic

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It is my understanding that the use of a special machine is necessary to perform a brake fluid flush. I had the service done at the Dealer 2.5 years ago and I was charged $100 dollars. I called the same Dealer this week to request the same service and this time the service costs $50 dollars. When I mentioned that I had called other places in town and I had been quoted $145, I then asked the service advisor why they were charging less than every one else in town, and he responded that the others charged more because they were using "the special machine" but that it was not necessary to perform the service using that machine and that's the reason their price was only $50. Now I'm confused and don't know who to believe. Can you please tell me which is the correct way to perform a brake fluid flush so that I can make an informed decision and won't be taken for a ride as females usually are? Safety is my concern, not the cost.

Thank you,
Ms. Munoz
(1) Answer
There are several types of machines used to perform this job, and it can be done manually. I would ask the dealer exactly what method they use and let us know and we can better advise you. Ensure they are removing all the old fluid and replacing it as part of the brake fluid flush.