Q: abs sensor on 2007 Mercury Milan

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my husbands car blew out on tuesday
12-15 and we got the tire replaced on it on 12-16 well the company that replaced it said that the line was cut when the tire blew.

well now the ford company said that because it was from road hazard that blew the tire and not wear and tear on the tire the part is not covered under the warrenty.

i was always told that the only three things that was not covered was tires windshild wipers and fluid. whats up with it. please tell me if that is covered or not.
(1) Answer
If the tire blows and takes out other things, it may be more of an insurance claim than a warranty issue. Remember the Geico Insurance add on TV where the car runs over a pothole and punctures tire and ruins the rim? This should be covered by your insurance.