Q: ABS NOT WORKING on 2000 BMW 328i

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I have noticed that ABS light on there 3 lights comes on and it said related to ABS not working. Could you tell me what parts to be replaced i brought to mechanic for computer diagnosed it says pump motor failure? can u tell is there any cause aside from pump motor or any procedure to be tested my ABS problem. thanks
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Pump failure will for sure bring on an ABS light. With the engine off, key off, press the brake pedal 20 times turn the engine on you should hear the brake ABS pump run if not the pump has actually failed or there is a problem wiring issue, fuse ect.... I am not experienced enough i=with the BMWs' to say I have seen pump failures as a common BMW problem.
hi! i just did as per your instruction i pressed brake pedal 20 times key off. then i switch on 2 times i did but i did not hear any sound coming from the ABS pump. now i'm sure that the ABS pump motor actually failed. thanks for the information it is very helpful to all car owners. thanks
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warning! the control unit is attached to the pump and nine
times out of ten, a pump won't fix this, it's usually the
controller. a well qualified BMW shop can test to see which is which because the symtoms are identical.