Q: ABS lights come on and ABS activates once and a while,Scanner
will not read. on 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

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The scanner say's no comunication. I' found a cracked ABS ring
on the right axle. Will these cause these, and it under warrenty. We bought the car new in august 2004, and it just turned 36000 miles. The problem has been going on for over 2 year, the dealer reprogramed the ABS modual and said there is nothing else wrong.Mithel I ,think it was said a TSB was out
about this ring craking. Please let me know. Thank You
John May phone 410-484-7766
(1) Answer
Yes, the ABS ring (tone ring) is the usual cause for the ABS trouble light to come on. Rust from drive shaft gets under and expands and cracks them. Replacing this should fix the problem. Might as well check the others while you are at it.
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