Q: ABS light stays on and my MPH gage stop working.... on 2001 Ford Explorer

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I don't know the code. All I know is that I let me friend borrow the truck and he told me that he had a mechanic friend disable the ABS. I did the inspection of the fuses and everything looks good. What do I do now?

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He had a friend disable the ABS? Not sure what this means...what it was done...was the ABS light problem present before this "disable" happened...

Basically an ABS light with a speedometer issue sounds like a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) issue. The speedometer gets the signal from the ABS module. The ABS module gets the speed from the VSS at the rear axle.

Check the wiring, connector and the VSS itself. Good luck.
No, I didn't have a friend disabled it...he borrowed my truck and when I got it back he told me that the ABS was disabled. The second thing was the speedometer not working.
How will i know when I finds this VSS?