Q: ABS light off and on on 1997 Acura TL

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When the light is on the brakes seem to operate normally,however when the light is off, there is noise generated just before the car comes to complete stop.

I just took my car in for a brake checked and ended up getting the pads & shoes and the calipers changed; but the same problem still exist.

I just spent alot of money for the above repair. If I do not get my ABS system fix right now, what effect will this have on my braking system. What long term effects might I encounter in the future.

Thanks for your answers in advance.


Walter Chung
(1) Answer
A little late seeing this one, hope it's not too late. If the ABS light is on, the regular brake system will work normally, except that the stopping distance in a panic stop, or on a slippery surface will increase. On some vehicles the ABS Control Module supplies vehicle speed signal to other systems, like the engine control module, instrument panel and transmission module. If this is the case you can have problems with these other systems, but will often get a warning light to inform you of the problem.
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