Q: ABS light came on twice went away now check TOD Light continues to flash on 2002 Isuzu Axiom

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My TOD ( Torque on Demand)light comes on and flahses about 30 minutes into driving. I stop the car and turn off the engine. It takes a few hours before it goes off. It will go off and come back on again in about 30 minutes or less starting the whole process again. I should note that the ABS light was the thing that came on first before the TOD started coming on, but now only the Check TOD light flashes now. Any ideas on what is causing this, is the car safe to drive and how much will it cost to fix approximately ? I never had any problems with this car until the 10th year since then major transmission issues.
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The warning light indicates that the computer has detected malfunction in the ABS and TOD systems and has diagnostic codes and data stored which would be essential in diagnosing the problem.
A technician with a scanner can access the diagnostic codes and data and then be able to give you a diagnosis. There's no way to know what's wrong without inspecting the car and diagnosing the problem. It probably would cost you an hour's labor time to get it diagnosed.
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