Q: ABS light on 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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We have replaced both front wheel hub assembly. Stil can not get the light to go off.
(2) Answers
Do you know what the fault code is that is causing the ABS light to come on? With out knowing the code it will be very difficult to find and correct the problem. You will need a scan tool in order to read the codes on your ABS system.
My abs light and my emergency brake light go off and on spuratically . I was told to try swapping around the three sensors on my transfer case on my 2003 chev 2500 but the problem still persists. The code reader says rear wheel speed sensor . Not even the mechanics at my local gm dealer can tell me which of the three sensors the rear wheel speed sensor is. Maybe a possible frayed wire but without knowinh which sensor it's tuff for a guy like me to track down the problem