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Q: ABS braking problem in snowy conditions on 2007 Honda CR-V

What is with the ABS on the 2007 CR-V? I completely lose the ability to stop when I drive on snow. This happens all the time, even at very low speeds. I have taken it to my Honda dealer and they say it is normal.

Isn't the ABS system supposed to benefit my driving, not be the cause of an accident? I live in New England, so trying to avoid snow is not possible. The absolute worst braking system I have EVER experienced. My Accord never had this problem.

Do I just have a lemon?
Thank you.

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Did your Accord have ABS? Anti-lock Braking systems take some getting used to. Even if your Accord had ABS obviously the CR-V system functions differently. The most common fault when driving a vehicle with ABS is to release your foot pressure on the brake pedal when you feel the ABS engage. This normal reaction of releasing brake pressure will most certainly increase your stopping distance. What you should try is to keep steady braking pressure or even slightly increase you braking effort when the ABS engages. These will allow the system to do its job and slow you CR-V as quickly as possible. Please try this is a safe open area so you can get the feel of how the system works. If you feel the system is activating when it should not perhaps you could take a technician from your local Honda dealer on a road test and duplicate what you are experiencing. Is your CR-V 2WD or 4WD?
Oakman: Thanks for you response.

My CR-V is not 4WD. I assumed it was all-wheel drive.

I have taken it to the dealer and went out for a road test with a mechanic. We went through a patch of snow/slush and it did what it always does--it didn't stop. He said it was normal.

What I don't understand is how that can be normal? I have gone through intersections and almost hit a mailbox because of this lame braking system. I am a cautious driver and do not speed in snowy conditions.

I am thinking about trading in my CR-V for another vehicle that has a braking system that I can trust. I have been a Honda owner for over 20 years, but this car is going to cause an accident. It bums me out because I spent a lot of $ on it.

First the stop best is to have dry pavement. Second your power train wheel will continue to turn under engine power as long as the engine is in DRIVE while driving in snow, ice and large amounts of water (no frition for traction to stop) . Place the gear shift in Neutral then you will control all four tires with the braking system. Neutral is the same a duping the clutch in a manuel transmission.
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