Q: abs & brake lights on on 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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my abs, brake, and check engine lights are on. I have changed the master cylinder, bled the brakes, change the rear wheel abs sensor. and put on the machine to analyze what the problem could be and they said that the vin isn't registering and I need the pcm. is that what it could this be?
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The vin has to be distributed all through out your vehicle's computers ( which are networked) in order for the systems to work, so if one one of the main computers can't register the vin, then it shuts down different systems and triggers the ABS and Check Engine lights etc. I would try a shop that can re-enter the vin, which may have to be the dealership. They usually are the only ones with the vin capable scan tool for theft reasons.
Is your speedometer acting up? If it is, the odometer will follow, and both will stop working. There is a sensor on top of the differential. Replace it for about $35, and everything will be normal again.