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Q: ABS and Traction Control light fixes on 2006 Pontiac Torrent

is there any troubleshooting advice regarding the ABS light and Traction Control light before I spend $85 on a diagnostic?..They both came on while backing out of the garage last weekend..I tried to look things up and this problem seems common in Pontiacs and maybe in GM cars in general..any way I can clean a sensor or maybe a check a fluid level? hate to sound so cheap but spent $70 replaceing turn signal and having brakes cleand and adjusted in DEC..Tires broke me for Jan and Feb ..March was tags and inspection..I just need to catch a break!

Thanks for any advice
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Check for a hard bend in the brake hoses going to the front calipers when the wheels are turned hard left or right. They do break down inside. Also when the front tires are removed, you should be able to set the brakes then after releasing them move the rotors slightly back and forth until they bump the studs to make sure the brake is releasing. If not, remove that brake hose and if you can't blow through it, you've found your problem. Roughly said, if the brake fluid can't return when the brakes are released the tight pads keep the wheel from rolling properly and the hub sensors report a slipping condition to the computer while driving and the traction contol is activated and the ABS won't like it because only one sensor is activating the ABS system and it will show a warning to the driver. It's an $18.00 part and an easy fix for shade tree mechanics. Remember to bleed the caliper that the hose goes to after the installation. It's a good idea then to replace both hoses because the other hose could have some restriction too. When all the work is done and all the tires are at proper inflation, I would disconnect the battery for 5 minutes then reconnect it so the computer resets to it's defaults
You'll want to get eh diagnostic codes read out from the ABS module, then we may be able to give some more info, but without those codes it's pure guessing, which I don't do with other peoples time and money.
Had problem w/ ours, it was the rear wheel hub & sensor-they are all one now. Ours made grinding noise when traction control tried to engage. It had been going on a few winters and ABS light was something new last week when fuel pump decided it was time to die. Oh-if u don't was to pay for a code reader or don't know anyone with one-Autozone will do it for free and they at least are a kinda neutral party. Some dealers are too pushy and make it sound like ur car will be toast if u don't have it (whatever car is in for) fixed now and of course by them.
Good luck.
Traction control light COULD be caused by tires. If you replaced only 2 tires instead of all 4 as ppl often do. Something to do w/ tire sizes and technical revolution distances which is picked up by these fancy sensors. Here in Upstate NY we put the new ones on the front for winter driving. We got the correct size tires and all but they were a diff brand and had diff tread. This turned out to be the problem in our case.
We learned this fact after many trips to the dealer w/ this light. Luckily we were under warrantee Bc the dealer changed out the whole traction control system, some steering thing (I can't recall right now), the sensors, ABS sensor and something else. All at separate times.
Idk if was just a very knowledgeable mechanic or GM figured out flaw but...after all that we changed the other 2 tires and never had problem again.
Hope this is helpful to somebody.
BTW our problem was in the 2008 Pontiac Torrent.
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