Q: Abs and NO Traction light stays on on 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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Abs and NO Traction light stays on (2003 oldmobile silhouette van. A year and half a go had replaced the front left hub bearing assembly and immediately had to replace it in 2 months under warrenty and now the scan reads the same side. Could it be the connector or the bad manufactured bearing itself?
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Yes, it is most likely the wire or connector to the affected wheel speed sensor, scanner will show which one. However can't rule out a possible sensor problem. This too can be checked with a DVOM to confirm. The wire itself should be checked, especially where it pivots with the lower control arm!
Thanks for the response. Can it be checked if the light does not come on because it some times comes on as soon as you start the engine or sometimes when you have driven a few miles.