Q: about solutions for brakes switch on 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

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i was looking for the reverse backup light switch. i looked on the manual shift council--- wrong place--- i know now its on the trans axle--- but i ended up disconnecting the emergency brake switch in the lower manual shift council thinking that was the backup switch now when its reconnected the brake light comes on the dash and the chimes ring continually until brakes are applied if i disconnect the switch altogether it works o.k. no brake light or chimes i think it could be something to do with the brakes itself---- fluid is o.k. fuses o.k. any reply will be thank full
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Go back and look at the parking brake switch in the console, you probably bent the tab causing it to ground out giving you a false parking brake is applied signal on the instrument panel.
thank you i will do that. it is i little difficult to get in the little port hole or cup holder to get it hooked up right ? my hand got a little scraped trying to do it. its kind of like look--- see ---stick your hand and good luck. i hate to leave it disconnected to not see brake light on or hear chimes ???? what will happen if i leave it unhooked
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