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Q: About leaking fuel injectors on 1992 Toyota Camry

Cranked engine over to see if cylinders was firing with spark plug out. Cut engine off took flashlight and looked n spark plug hole and saw fuel dropping on the piston. What would cause this on #2 and#6 cylinders?
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Loosing any coolant? Smoke from exhaust? Not likely fuel dripping into cylinder as the intake valve would have to be open on those two cylinders at the time you looked! Possible head gasket issue. Will it start and run?
Am not loosing any coolant, getting smoke from exhaust, not as bad as it was as I replaced the 3 injectors under plenium. It will crank and run for a while then engine idles down and the smoke starts. It will try to cut off if I don't keep foot on gas pedal. Smells like gas so does the oil.
No check engine light, replaced fuel pressure regulator, cold start injector, start injector time switch, and three used injectors. I think injectors are stuck once u turn engine on they don't shut off til u turn it off. I had heads off for bout 2 1/2 years. Injectors were in trunk all that time. I figure heat got to them
Any other advice would be appreciated.
Test injector pulse with a noid light. Should flash as computer pulses injectors. Posdible ecm or wiring issue.
Sure thing, ment to tell you that today but I had to fix some of 'em myself!! Aint that a shame. Lol,
How do I use noid light? With switch on or off? Directions please. Do u plug lite in then turn switch on? I plugged lite in then cranked engine up and they blinked while running.
That is how you do it and it should blink on every injector connector. Engine off key on light should not be on!
By the way I switched the ECM same problem.Smoked worse. Why won't it set engine code? Check engine light comes on when u turn switch on. Oil level has gone up, indication of gas in oil.
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