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Q: About catalyst and evap monitors flashing on carmd code reader. on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge ram van 5.2L ; I have had a catalyst and evap monitors flashing on my carmd code reader for over a year.I have replaced both oxygen sensors before and aft. Driven the van numerous times stop and go etc. Do the flashing monitors mean that something is wrong or just that the monitors are not running and if they are not running would'nt that mean that something is not functioning?....Confused. Thank you .
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On the left of these post is an Q&A section, at the bottom is a search section, enter EVAP monitor and it will take you to a section to give you the information you need.
Hi,G T Service Center, I thank you for the response and this morning Fri 14 I plugged the Carmd again and to my surprise the evap monitor is not flashing any more while the catalyst still is...............Sometime ago I had pulled out the evap system and checked all the hoses etc.,but had put back the vac.hose from the throttle-body on the top port of the purge-pump,but on reading various forums realised that it mattered which port the vac.hose fitted,I checked and noticed that the bottom port has vac. written on it although it is not very visible.... So I checked the diagram under the hood which indicates that the hose from the throttle body goes to the bottom port marked,I intend to replace the charcoal canister any way because I found particles in one of the pumps when I had dismantled it so many months next challenge is to find why the catalyst monitor is still flashing and I wonder if it means that the catalytic converter is going bad?...any ideas?...I Have been looking at the info. you recommended, but not sure if I see what I am specifically looking for but will go back to it after I send this message.I hope it helps some one else if of course it turns out to be correct......Thanks again for your help. frankiedon.
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Hi Professor G......I checked out the info. you suggested and it seems that the drive cycle on my van has not been completed properly yet.But, it is hard to believe that could still be the case as this problem started about two years ago when the van was off the road for 3-months with bad brakes and the battery was disconnected. I have since replaced the battery and driven it numerous times,think I have followed the drive cycle fairly accurately and still the cat-monitor flashes.However,I will keep gathering info. and trying until I get a green light on the carmd.....I do appreciate all your input.thanks, frankiedon.
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