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Q: a time consumption question of detail in job description on 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

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Thermostat is common and not to detailed part to change out and should be done quickly? only transportation...female and don't want to be without vehicle days for something can be done in 20 min.
The labor time in the labor guide says 1.4 hours to replace a thermostat on this vehicle.

So... 20 minutes is probably a little...optimistic.

Why does this vehicle need a thermostat? I'm getting from your question that you'd rather just do it yourself rather than take it in for a warranty repair because of time?

Keep in mind that especially with today's cars, when you open the cooling system to replace a thermostat (or other component), you are going to have to be sure to purge the air out of your cooling system at the time of completion. This is best done with a special tool to remove the air. Your dealer (or mechanical shop) will have this tool and can do this without risk of damaging the engine with repetitive overheating.

Good luck.
OK ...understood and acknowledged...old school doesn't apply any longer...thanks. Doesn't necessarily mean Dealership reapair tool right? Just a cooling systems shop that would work on (make of car) right? Water not running out under car....have no idea where it's dissappearing to overheat?
Any quality shop with a quality tech will have quality tools. So -- a shop or tech with a suitable tool to purge the cooling system of air pockets will work.

The thermostat and engine itself should have a long warranty on this car. Why avoid the dealership? Just asking.

You are losing coolant, then, and don't know where? Hmm.. Again, I would absolutely consult a dealership...just for the warranty aspect alone... sorry...
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