Q: a. stop light switch, b. timing belt c. water pump on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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hi all. i left my lights on and jumped my car fine, but brake lights now remain on. a. is replacing the stop; light switch the correct thing to do? b. can you explain how to do it? c. my car has 230,000 miles and the timing belt was replaced 110,000 miles ago. should I replace it? d. my water pump and thermostat was never replaced.should i replace it? e. i have a burnt compressor. I have a friend with a '98 that hes going to junk soon and hes willing to give me his compressor and parts. Is this a good idea to change it? e. my cv boots and joints were replace under warranty 1 month ago. Now I hear what seems to be a plastic scraping noise when making a left up into a driveway incline. Any thoughts on the noise? Thank you in advance for your answers
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The timing belt, water pump, and thermostat should be replaced on your 1994 Toyota Corolla. As for the A/C compressor, you should make sure that the 1998 compressor is the same as your 1994 compressor - my guess is that they would not be the same. Look for a splash shield or inner fender liner out of place causing your scraping noise.
thanks for your input. :)
a. I guess my question is, is it worth it to repair (preventative maintenance) the car?
(the engine runs veeeeeeery good.)
Also, the speedometer is broken.
b. does is make sense to fix the ac with the used part(s)?
c. i also wanted to repaint the car, another $1,000,
thanks again.
hi all (this is my question) fyi:
i ended up buying the stop light switch and found out it was only the hard plastic cushion that was broken. $1.06 it the cost. (i paid $25.00 for the switch)
im guessing its going to cost $1,500.00 for the repairs mentioned above. any thoughts PLEASE? thank you.