Q: a starter bolts broken inside how do i get it off on 1996 Ford Taurus

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lets see my car hasnt ran for a while now and the other day i bought a battery i tried to start it but when i did it soned like metal scrapin metal real loud i asked about that the other day and someone told me it probably has somethin to do with my starter and flywheel well today i took the alternator out haad it tested and it passed then i tried to take the starter out to have it tested i had it almost out except for one of the bolts was already boken off to where i couldnt get it with any of the tools i have i tried to push it through and tap it with a mallet like autozone said but im havin no luck at all what could i do to get it out please help me :(
(1) Answer
the threads are in the starter motor for the attaching bolts. if it is broken, remove the entire starter from the vehicle. it sounds like you are going to replace it anyway, so get a new bolt and replace the starter motor.