Q: A shop put (2) too short of a front wheel drive axle in my 1992 Ford Tempo Gl. on 1992 Ford Tempo

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The secound axle popped out at a traffic light and i could not put it in park because the transmission was running. So worried about my trans being damaged. Had it towed there and they put a longer one in.My starter and ball joints went bad too.Please tell me if I will have more problems because of there wrong doing ?
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it is hard to tell but i doubt if the starter or ball joints had anything to do with a short axle
I was told it's like going 35 miles per hour and shoving your car into park.The
last two drive axles caused my car not to stear right and my transmission to surge.I allso had to replace all three motar mounts. Does'nt the drive axle control the transmission an steering ?