Q: A light display's saying esp on dash board on 2005 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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What does a warning light saying esp mean ?
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It's probably telling you that there's a fault detected in the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system which is designed to help keep the car under control in unstable situations, like trying to slow down in a sharp turn, for instance. You can try resetting the system by holding the ESP button down for 15 seconds with the car running. That turns the system OFF until you hit a speed of about 15 MPH, then the system should turn on again. If the light comes on, the system is deactivated which may be a safety issue and you could get it diagnosed by a Suzuki specialist. There should be trouble codes and data stored in the control module when the light's on.
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Every time my ESP indicator comes on I know I need to get my brakes fixed. It always seems to fix the issue.