Q: A fuel leak to the filter . on 1995 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

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The leak is at the back of the engine. I can not find a diagram of the fuel line from the frame to the filter. This leak is a stream flowing down over the bellhousing to the ground.I need a cost to find and repair this.
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gm had a big problem with these lines. bad grounds were an issue and the lines became the grounds and corroded badly and started to leak.

the lines are available from a gm dealer and run about 65-75 per line and there are 2.

replacing them is tricky as they are tucked in there pretty good. you need a lift and a lot of patience when doing this. make sure you verify all grounds when you are done and make sure you re attach all the holders the lines have to keep them from vibrating and chaffing them.

Found someone to repair my fuel leak. The leak was comming from the fuel heater under the filter. It was leaking at the electrial gromet and running down the fuel line.