Q: A few times engine accelerates when making sharp right turn, going very slowly on 2005 Volvo XC70

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I bought a used Volvo xc70 2005 station wagon in excellent condition from my Volvo dealer.
4 random times: Going very slowly about to turn a sharp right the engine starts to race. Yesterday this happened again and again while entering my garage, going straight the engine raced as I switched from gas to brake. The Volvo dealer couldn't find any thing.
(1) Answer
Did the Volvo Dealer to verify all the software is up to date in the vehicle, and check all the computers for stored diagnostic information?
This sounds dangerous and it's not acceptable for a Dealer to say they can't find anything and let you go on your way without trying to verify this and contacting Volvo technical support to see if this is issue has been reported before.
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