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Q: A-C squeals nearly every minute and water evaporates on floor in truck on 2003 Toyota Tundra

One gent suggested it might be the cabin air filter. No recent ac service other than changing the belts. Thanks in advance
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Is this related to the squeal or more to the condensation inside the cab?? please note moisture is on the outside of the vent housing not coming frm inside the vent.... Any thoughts on the squeal that occurs (I think) as the unit cycles on/off as I'm driving? Squeal lasts 2-5 seconds - best tension appears to be good. Thanks in advance for your time.
If water is 'sloshing' around in tere and splashing into the blower motor(I had this happenning on a Honda CR-V) it'll make a high pitched squeal whenever the water hits it , like when your turning , starting and stopping. Pitch of noise would change with fan speed.
Hi - No this is nearly like clockwork... Can be driving any speed/direction and she'll squeal every 1-3-4 minutes. if I turn the AC off during this squeal - it stops. If I'm driving at highway speeds, the duration is shorter but the frequency seems to quicken.... ALso if I turn AC on while driving - she squeals - go Is there a cabin air filter for recirculated air in a 2003 Tundra SR5 that you know of?
Have both the blower motor checked and the drain. Moisture build-up in area may have caused damage to blower motor bearings. Do you ever hear the noise if the blower motor is off? that should narrow it down.
No - only when AC is on... I've done limited experimentation while driving. AC button 'on' = squeal, fan only on - no squeal.
never mind ...Squeal is belt and tensioner problem-noise comes and goes as A/C cycles. Changed belt and tensioner , right? If I'm wrong please let me know.
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