Q: a antifreeze leak after the car stops. Had new water pump on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

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After taking it back several times they said it needs a timing cover and gasket also radiator, took to rad specialist he said nothing is wrong with the rad. These people will not stand behind their work, They will go back in and fix it for a big price. Any suggestions
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if you paid by credit card, you can dispute the charge and the credit card company will withhold the funds to the shop. that will force them to deal with you as they mis diaged the car.
if you paid by check, you only have a couple of days to stop payment, otherwise you may have to get it fixed somewhere else and take them to small claims court.

I had it replaced in March its under warranty, I have had it back to them several times in which they have charged me more. They will not stand behind their work so I guess reporting them to the BBB, might be the best thing, or a note on facebook even though I would hate to do that to anyone, I just need my car fixed its all I have to drive. Will it hurt to drive it if I continue to put antifreeze in it until I can get it fixed.
Thank you for your response,
warranty only applies to work performed. the water pump is warranty but beyond that, no. you need another shop to resolve this issue.