Our automotive experts have put together the following information about the P2576 diagnostic trouble code. We've provided the common symptoms that occur when this code is set along with the frequent repairs that address the issues related to the P2576 code.

OBD II Fault Code

  • OBD II P2576

    OBD-II Code Diagonostic Trouble Code is defined as a Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Deterioration Sensor Circuit

    The Radiator on certain Super Low Emissions Vehicles (SULEV) has a special coating to convert smog in the surrounding air oxygen. The eac (Environmental Air Catalyst Sensor is hardwired to the Radiator of the vehicle. If the sensor fails, a new OE Radiator must be installed and coded to the engine computer (PCM). Failure of this sensor or installing an aftermarket radiator will result in code P2576 being set.

    Common Problems That Trigger the P2576 Code

    • EAC sensor coding to powertrain control module (DME)
    • EAC sensor failure (part of radiator assembly)
    • The radiator does not meet the manufacturer's requirements
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