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Q: 99 A6 Quattro severe surging/jolting, more severe on uphill slope? on 1999 Audi A6 Quattro


I am in DESPERATE need of some help here. I have been given the run around by at least 10 mechanics (I do not exaggerate.)

I have had nearly every component (Including the engine) replaced in my 99 A6, with exception to the transmission. I took my car to get repaired at a local Audi specialist where they replaced my engine and many other components, adapted the throttle etc. I then took my car to my local Audi dealership where they diagnosed my car for the surging/jolting. Audi first told me it was due to my fuel pressure regulator and would cost $280 to fix, I agreed, they did the repair. I test drove the car right off the lot of Audi and bam! I did a complete stop on an uphill slope, gave the car some gas, the RPMs revved to 3, while the car is still (mind you I still have my foot on the gas) then BOOM the car jolted harshly forward. It is even worse now! It only happens in 1st gear, then as I get going to higher speeds, it is fine, drives perfectly fine. It is 10x worse when I am on an uphill slope at a dead stop then get going. It's almost as if I am throwing the car in neutral, gas real hard then throwing it back in drive. This is not only unsafe as it happens to me when people who like to ride my tail try to speed up and I cannot go anywhere for a few moments then suddenly fly forward, but it's also very aggravating.

Both catalytic converters have been replaced, reason I state this is because one of the 10 mechanics stated this was a probable cause. Audi is now telling me it is the transmission, but that was only glance of their eye, they apparently are not allowed to look inside of a transmission due to liability issues?

There is no check engine light/codes, car was recently fully serviced before a road trip. I recently took the car for a road trip to Las Vegas from Colorado. The funny part is, the car BARELY surged, and when it did, it was not as harsh while in Vegas. Now Colorado is alot higher in elevation than Vegas. Could this be due to lower altitude? 02 sensor issue? I am at a completely dead end here and I am tired of throwing money to mechanics to try and figure this out.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
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It sounds like a transmission issue, was the fluid level checked? Problem is less noticed after long ride due fluid expanding and level being closer to correct level? I can tell you that if you keep driving it this way, transmission will have to be replaced, if it's already not to late. Does the gear display light up solid and were there and transmission codes?
Fluid level just checked today by Audi, at correct level. Gear display is fine, they do not all light up, only the gear I am in. There are no transmission codes. After Audi took the fuel pressure regulator out and put my old one back in (since that was not the problem in the first place) the car seems to be doing better. It is not jolting as harshly. If I accelerate VERY slowly until the gear shifts and get up to going to about 40 MPH, then it will not jolt/surge. It only happens when I get going.

Thank you for your quick response and assistance.
I have a '98 A6 Quattro that is doing the exact same thing. Have you had any more success in finding a fix for yours?
This could be resulting from the MAF that is about to go, clean it up or replace it and see how the car will drive. A bad MAF can cause a delayed gear change.
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