Q: 97 Toyota Camry Battery Not Charging on 1997 Toyota Camry

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My car is a 97 Toyota Camry. The check battery light stays on while driving today. Before today the check battery light would stay on for a little while after ignition. Two weeks ago my car died on the road, and it turns out the battery wasn't charging. So I replaced the battery, and it had been fine since then. I took two 100mile trips over the past two weeks and experienced no problems. But the check battery light suddenly came on today. My car still runs right now, but God knows how long it will keep going. I did go to autozone to check the alternator, and without ignition on the reading was 12.5v, and it stays the same with ignition on. I checked the alternator belt, and it seems to be fine. So is it the alternator or the regulator or the wiring? How can I know? I'm going on a long trip next week, so please help me out asap. Thanks a lot!
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